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    Stupidly expensive now right?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    That looks very like my local supplier, Austen Knapman. All I can say is that their online prices are always higher than you pay if you just walk in or order over the phone for collection. Saves maybe 20-30% on web prices. I last bought box section from them a few years ago when I built my router, and that was only 50x50x3, so no idea how that matches the going rate.

    You are a long way from South Devon, though...

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    Few years ago when I was going through the pricing up stage the mild steel sections was dirt cheap and it was costing me around 500-800 tops to make the frame now I'm looking at probably around 2.5-3k. The 3mm thickness ain't too bad but isn't that a little too thin?

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    Steel prices have at least doubled in the last year or so but that does sound expensive for only 3mtrs, I would expect to pay about that for 7.5mtr length. Steel is also in short supply and I think some suppliers have their pirate hats on.!

    Like Neale says deal with a local supplier rather than through the internet and you'll get it cheaper.

    3mm is too thin for the mainframe but will be ok for a base frame, I wouldn't go less than 4mm for the mainframe. Why 90mm.? That's not a common size so you'll be paying more for that.!
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    Mainframe and base frame?

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    Thanks Dean and Neale I'll hunt around my local area.

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    Check out Nottingham Steel Supplies in Colwick. It doesn't hurt to talk to them,



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    I live 5 mins from there as well lol. Thanks Rob I'll check them out

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    Quote Originally Posted by reefy86 View Post
    Mainframe and base frame?
    My definition would be that the main frame has all the exciting bits like rails, ballscrews, motors etc. fixed to it and the base frame has the main frame fixed to it to keep you from grovelling about on the floor.

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    Quick comment on thickness - yes, with experience, 3mm is too thin. It's strong enough (the sections supporting the X rails are 100x50, the rest is 50x50) but is inclined to ring a bit. Thicker would provide more intrinsic damping, I think, and I would go for 4mm and, possibly, 5mm for some elements despite the extra weight. That's for a 1500x750 cutting area. There are other things I would change as well with experience, but at the time I built it, there was less information around than there is now.

    But this one took me long enough to build so no plans for replacing it any time soon!

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