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    Having had some issues with connectivity, I’ve had some success… yay!

    I can now connect to and drive the axis from the laptop.
    This includes by home and jog functions.
    I can operate coolant pump etc, so machine and laptop are talking.

    I’m struggling with the spindle though…
    When activated, I can hear a solenoid/switch flick inside the control box, but nothing happens at the machine…

    Any thoughts on where to start investigations??

    Thank you

    (Also posted on the Denford forum)

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    I see Martin has replied on the Denford forum, and it could just be a fuse.

    IIRC the relay controls power to the spindle drive, so first is to check if the drive lights up at all. If not, it could be a fuse, but then there is often a reason the fuse has blown, and is the reason why I converted mine to a servo spindle.
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