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    Hi, I am partway converting an orac lathe to Mach3. However I am having a bit of a problem finding suitable motors for the axis. So far it looks like a nema 34 size motor fits, but the only ones I have found have all been 8 wire, I need 4 wire motor. The original shalf dia is 9.5mm, I can increase the diameter of the motors belt pulley a bit, but think that the nema 14mm shalf maybe pushing it a bit. So what motors have you used to replace the originals ones. Thanks.

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    8 wire motors can be wired to use 4 wire.
    I'd guess the old shaft diameter is more likely to be 3/8" (9.525mm).

    Suitably geared Nema 23/4 motors will likely give better performance than Nema 34, but sometimes the convenience of not having to adapt mountings makes the larger motors simpler to fit.
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    Thanks m c for your reply. I can easily make the adapter plates, but I think the shelf’s would then be a bit short, will take a look at nema 23 thanks again

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