Hi all,

I need to control safely a stepper with 2 drives (cheapo DM542). I have a fiber laser which has a Z axis controlled by a board DLC2 (step and dir) thru a DM542 to a stepper. I have another device which has his own driver (also a DM542), but needs to acces the same stepper.

The process should be like this:
- start the machine with the Z axis stepper using the DLC board;
- push a button to use the other device - isolate the DLC board and the drive and let the other drive to take control;
- push another button or use the same one to be back to the normal state (at start up).

I am thinking to have a relay of some sort or a contactor which needs to be to a board for the step and dir, but this is vaguely.
What is your advice on this?