Hello All,

I recently picked a Suregrave CNC machine, for free, the catch (as always) was the electronics / control board was completely dead. This machine was built ~2005 so I figured the chances of getting any spare parts were next to none. Luckily the machine itself is in excellent condition and seems to have had very little use.

So the biggest challenges I face to get this machine operational are electronic not mechanical. I decided to invest in a DDCS v3.1 system, and build new control electronics from the ground up. I purchased a controller from an ebay seller in Germany. I can'f fault the service, it arrived today, well packaged and everything included and as described.

I've also purchased four new stepper drivers, 2 * 24v DC power supplies and some DIN terminal blocks. My plan is to to build the new CNC controller electronics just mounted on a sheet of wood for now, until I get a better idea of the wiring and size of cabinet I need.

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Can I just say DIN Terminal blocks and boot lace ferrules are a revelation!

Next on the list will be a E.Stop relay circuit anda main contactor that will control power to the Stepper PSU and the VFD for a new spindle (that I'm yet to get).

I've been looking at either a 1.5 or 2.2KW water cooled spindle kits on eBay, unless anyone has any better recommendations?

Anyway I hope to post as much detail as I can - and I'm sure to ask lost of dumb questions,