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    Hi Guys,

    i hope this is ok for me to post here.

    we are currently trying to get rid of our Rye MG2400 Twin Head CNC 8ft by 4ft, its been very reliable for us over the 13 years we have ran this machine but unfortunitly it has developed a fault on the X-Axis where the auto greeser failed and caused the bearings to gouge the rails resulting in juddering that if ran at full speed gives a overload error.

    as this machine is no longer needed as we have upgraded to a newer machine.

    Machine set-up as below:

    2no. Perske 4.8Kw (17,500 rpm) spindles (Manual tool change). both very good condition with smooth rotation

    2no. Pneumatic Drillings Heads (Manual tool change).

    Bed Size: 8 Ft x 4 Ft.

    Comes with operation & programming manual

    Upgraded control system by CNC support.




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    Still available and relisted

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