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    Hello CNCers,

    I've just had this land in my lap.. and given the cursory comment of... can you find me some of this..

    clearly, I know nothing about it...

    It's got no makers marks or part numbers on it...

    it's lovely and ground on all the working surfaces..

    I've had a good day's worth of looking on the internet.. and I'm 50/50 on does this has a truck that fits it.. or is it more like a sideway and gib strip setup ..

    oh and I've no idea if it might use rollers.. (I'd think so with the shape of the surfaces) but finding something in a catalogue is not proving very easy...

    so the real hope with asking the hive mind is that someone recognises it... and goes that's a Matusumi XYZ rail ... i use it all the time..

    anyway, thanks in advance..


    oh, and if I find out.. I'll put it up... :-)
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    I've no idea of the manufacturer but I can tell you it uses linear ROLLER carriages rather than the more common ball bearings type carriages so it's most likely from a high-end machine and most likely a Milling machine if it's a short length.

    But to be honest I think you are looking for a needle in a haystack without any markings.?
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    it dawned on me that some more actual pictures might help..

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    so here are some ...

    hope this gives you some idea..

    I've gone back to the customer and asked for a bit more info on what the truck / moving element looks like, as I'm able to find lots of things that measured at 35mm but 36mm seems a strange one..

    anyway thanks for anyone who looks at this..

    it might be that i get the grinder fired up and some steel cooking in the oven ..


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