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    I just picked up a Cadet Plus which I hope to get working again using a XC906t controller, a couple of modern stepper drivers and the origional motor/speed controller. I have not looked at the spped controller yet but I will probably use a PWM to 10V interface to provide optical isolation between the low and high voltage circuits.

    The electrics/electronics side of things do not bother me but this is my first lathe and there are lots of very simple (dopey) things I still have to learning about.

    To help me on my way I was wondering if anyone had a scanned copy of the original Cadet Plus "hardware/technical" manual?

    I know the unit was based on an ML10 but I was hoping the original conect manual would cover maintenance, technical specifications, accessories, spare parts list etc.

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    I never found the original manuals but I did manage to convert the machine to use the XC906t/CW20 controller. Overall I am impressed with the little machine. It has cut everything I have asked of it including stainless steel.

    The CNC lathe learning-curve is a interesting journey especially when you start with, lack of documentation, limited knowledge about lathes/controllers and a large number of invalid assumptions!

    I am by no means an expert and there are things I still need to figure out with but if anyone is interested I will happy share what I learned...

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