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    Morning All,

    I thought I'd introduce myself and say hello before asking stupid newbie questions.

    I'm Rob and I've been doing woodwork most of my life, I think the first thing I made were some wooden jumps for my sister's My Little Pony toys back in the 80s when we were kids, these days my woodwork is very much focused around wood turning although I'll have a go at most things.

    I'll be honest and say it's only recently the CNC has peaked my interest, for a long time it's been out of my reach based on the size & cost of the machines. However I recently stumbled across a few DIY table top machines on YouTube which I consider to be something that I could easily & cheaply make.

    So my plan is to make a table top CNC router, primarily for wood work, using a trim router which I've already got and controlling it through GRBL on an Arduino, some 20 years a go I studied C so whilst very rusty the language isn't alien to me and I've previously made a few Arduino projects.

    So far I've got the basic electronics running on my desk using parts I had leftover in my bits box and I can send it GCode from UGS and make the motors spin as expected. I've also got some pieces of second hand 2040 / 2060 extrusion that I intend to make the frame out of. But I have questions on both machine design and controlling multiple stepper motors on the same axis.

    If you'd like to see any of my wood work feel free to have a look at my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/a_turn_for_the_better/


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    Hi and welcome to the forum Rob!

    Did you make a start on the table top router build yet ?

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    I've finished putting it together and I'm now in the debugging phase.

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    Ahh great, good luck and I look forward to following your progress, any questions or problems along the way please do ask :)

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    I'm having a few problems with the 0,0 point drifting, but hopefully it won't be too hard to fix.


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    hi goodluck:) I am new here and just visiting the site, really great community

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