I have had this machine for a number of years, it got pushed into the corner in my old workshop & basically forgotten about lol
Having now had to move to a new workshop where I have more space I am trying to get it up & running. Not knowing the state of the old control box & having been told I was better just getting rid of it & building a new control box that is what I have done. I have the axis all working & homing switches/estop are all good but I need to get the spindle turning using the new set up so I can control the speed from within UCCNC.
So I am using UCCNC as my control software with a UC400ETH motion controller, I have a CPO-10v breakout board & have bought a sprint 1220i as I was told that I needed a controller that was isolated.
Problem I have is that over the last few years I seem to have lost a lot of brain cells & the electronics was never the part I was best at anyway so I have absolutely no idea how to put them together so I can get the spindle turning.

So what I would like if its possible is to know if I need anything else, if I do what else do I need & how do I connect this all together to get it working, it needs to be in laymans terms or I won't be able to understand it lol