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    Hello, I would like to offer my isel gfm 4433 for sale, at the moment machine under maintenance, will clean as much as I can, was converted by my to CS-lab controller, has simcnc license, or you can configure to mach3/4, has CS-lab pendant and runs on pi400. Has custom fixture with clamping system made myself, have original ballsscrew but never fitted, as which on the machine have some rust, 1.5kw water cooled spindle and closed loop steppers, spare power supply, external cabinet for extra, monitor bracket as extra as well, asking 2000 for quick sale, location da82ad, was running with Solidworks and simcnc, have lots of milling bits and aluminium as extra, front panel comes with machine but I newer fitted, wireless tools sensor included as well

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    Have some pictures but can't upload over mobile

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    Hello. Sorry to post outside of your for sale ad, but I have a question. I am in the final stages of converting my GFM 4433 with a Centroid Acorn and a Gecko G540. I wanted to do with a closed loop steppers but the space inside the aluminum profile seemed very limited. Were you able to fit motors inside or did you mount them outside the profile? Thanks and good luck selling this great little machine

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    Depends on your step servo dimensions you can fit inside, in my case I managed to fit inside original extrusion, just you need to order some original pulleys as they with collets or adopt after market, if you need some info let me know, the dealer shop really helpful and really polite, I am poor man but at least for me original isel parts was with good price

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