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    My new project is to build a full functioning replica Link Trainer.

    Wiki has a page on the Link Trainer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Link_Trainer

    As you can see in the description this is/was a training device for pilots and especially instrument flying. The plywood pseudo-aircraft can move in heading, pitch and bank axis which it does in response to student pilot input.

    My project has a heavy (ex-radar scanner) worm drive gear box to drive a vertical shaft that will support the 'aircraft' and provide 360 degree rotation. I am driving that with a rather husky stepper.

    The aircraft is supported on the top of the vertical axis via a universal joint. Two other (smaller) steppers and worm drives and mounted on a platform below the aircraft and rotate with the aircraft. These to drives provide pitch and bank movement, limited to 25 degrees up and down.

    The student will be seated in the aircraft where there will also be PC equipment to run Microsoft Flight Simulator and a display of the relevant aircraft instruments. There is no scenery for the student as this is an instrument flying trainer.

    So the student will fly FS in the normal way and I will take data from the FS via FSUIPC to move the 'aircraft' according to the attitude of the virtual aircraft in FS.

    The control of the steppers will be via an Arduino and GRBL...

    That's the plan anyway!

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    Wow, this looks like a very big project John, any updates on how your getting on with it ?

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