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    I've recently bought & assembled a Yuyong Queenbee 1010 Lead Screw machine & am slowly working through all the challenges to get it properly working.

    At the moment I'm trying to figure how to easily & efficiently tram the 80mm Spindle
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    because there is not enough room to squeeze a hex bolt , to loosen and tighten the bolts. of the 90 degree Angle Corner Connector Bracket *sniff*

    Google has found an Avid CNC adjusting plate ( from https://www.avidcnc.com/3-hp-4-hp-sp...unt-p-360.html ) that should do 1/2 job. With Shims for the other half. IF it could be attached to the Z Axis. Which I haven't investigated, yet.

    One thing about the 80mm brackets that is puzzling, is the M5 threaded bolt holes in the side. Google cannot find any manufactured attachment that I've seen. Does anyone know why they exist?

    The piece of wood attached to the bottom of the spindle, has a dial gauge at the outer end. Hopefully giving decently accurate measurements.

    If Anyone has a solution on how to solve this challenge, could you please reply?

    thanks in advance
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