Hello all, My names Luke Gernon I'm a machinist from the south of the UK. Born and raised in London. Cutting straight to the chase I'm self employed contracting under aviation companies doing a lot of prototype work and some production. I have a vast experience in milling 5/4/3 axis as well as being one of the last toolmakers apprentices. I have found a few of my own customers and now look to start my own shop, I cannot get funding from any bank or family. My options are bring aboard an investor or find a homeowner guarantor.

I have business plans for the company along with cash flow forecasts and projected work into next year. Its looking promising with 2 VMCs and 1 lathe needed I will be able to push the work out I want to quote. If anyone is interested and can bring either guarantor eligibility, skill or investment please contact me so I can share all the information with you. Prototypes will be out of testing come end of year and production begins this is why I'm on a strict deadline to get setup over the next 2-3 months.