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    Hi all,

    My name is Tim, I have been in the CNC world for about 1year. I have built a full-size sheet fit machine with temporarily fitting (brackets and supports) and successfully used it.
    At the moment i have dismantled everything and restarted the project.
    I need to create more space between the gantry and the bed as it's difficult to fit vacuum extraction or a bigger spindle, here is option for this in my drawing, does it work this way, or linear bearing has to be flat on top?

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    Some machines have linear rails on the side, others on top, I guess there are advantages and disadvantages both ways. On the side is likely better for stopping chips getting onto the rails, but seeing that you don't seem to have any cross braces in your bed I'd personally be worried about the extrusions down each side twisting. If it were me I'd also go for something rather thicker than 4mm for those side plates and likely add a vertical stiffening piece as well. In machines, rigidity is so important.
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    I have find is not gone fit on side, but i have rise up the steel gear and will go from here,
    Have made new part from 6mm mdf to check where is can be problem.

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    Looking good so far, any updates ?

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