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    Hi everyone!
    I'm one of those people that just have to do a lot of research before jumping into something, which can be quite annoying at times but I have to live with it, and right now I'm looking for advice on picking a CNC fabricator.

    I work mostly with metal and pieces are not too complex since I like a nice, easy, and safe assembly; the thing is I'm looking for other CNC manufacturers but I can't pick one without proper research, I've been googling around and I've found helpful articles like this one https://wikifactory.com/+wikifactory...-your-products but I wonder if it's talking too much from a company perspective and it's maybe lacking some other things to consider even before?

    Dunno, just want to reduce as many problems as possible. The point here is: can you give me advice on what gives out if a manufacturer is great or not?

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    Welcome to the forum.
    The guys will need a bit more information if they are going to help.
    Seems like you are looking for a milling machine? What size machineing area are you looking for?
    Dean(jazzcnc) has a good reputation and has made some really nice machines, with luck he will offer advice.

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    Thanks, mekanik!
    You're right, I'm still quite new so I tend to obviate things just because I have them in mind haha
    I've only produced at one place which had a big CNC milling machine about 2500 x 1300, it's cool to have such area but normally I don't use the whole space so something with half of that area would suffice since I'm producing rather smaller pieces.
    I'm looking for manufacturers, not for machines, so any recommendations on how to know if a manufacturer is good would be appreciated :)

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