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  1. The only difference is the resistors that set the maximum output current. There are 4 switch settings on the board that set the current limit at 25, 50, 75 and 100% of the maximum. The original boards I looked at were set up for either 1.5 or 2.2A maximum. I have seen the ads for the 2.5 and 3.5A versions (the settings therefore are .6/1.3/1.9/2.5 or .9/1.8/2.6/3.5) but the chip is not going to handle more than 2.5A anyway without a bigger heatsink than the one fitted. At 0.5A and 24V these boards will be fine.

    I'm sorry but I have no idea for KCam, never used it, but the standard setup for parallel port is pin 1 enable or charge pump, pins 2,3 X step/dir, pins 4,5 Y step/dir, pins 6,7 Z step/dir

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    Thanks for the info. Been learning a lot since I have joined your forum, resistors red red silver gold etc.
    found the data on K cam 1,7, X , 8,3, Y, 5,4 Z all STEP / DIR
    Thanks Again

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    I have just bought the higher power board which although states uses a 3.5 A peak Toshiba chipset is rated at 3 Amps max as a board. From what I can gather the difference beween the two boards is not just the current select resistors but also the Toshiba Chopper PWM chips fitted.

    The data sheet states:
    IOUT = AHQ: 3.5 A (peak)

    IOUT = AFG: 2.5 A (peak)

    The lower current board may well be fitted with the lowe spec TB65600AFG chip rather than the AHQ, its worth looking into. I have downloaded the Toshiba data sheet if you are interested.

    Have you managed to work out what the mating connector is for the limit switches/eStop inputs on these boards? Its a small 5 way polarised vertical PCB connector. My board was not supplied with the mating cable ended part that I need to fit to my switch wires.


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    They are AHQ chips.
    The problem I have at the moment is Y &Z work ok, but I just get a permanent 24v out of both X outputs. It doesn't switch off
    or change polarity
    help!!??!! anybody

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