This would make a very precise Cnc mill. Itís the casting from an old Wire EDM machine. Has a footprint of roughly 1,2m square and a height of 1,8m. Solid good quality cast iron. It has a table 620mm x460mm which you could bolt a t slotted table to. It has travel,( according to literature) of 300mm x200mm and 175 mm on z. Itís complete with high quality linear rails, ball screws, servo motors, encoders etc. ( On X and Y ). The Z axis would need a ballscrew and drive fitted as it hasnít got any of that,however, it is counterweighted. There are fibreglass covers to cover the workings.

Would make a very nice machine,infinetly better than trying to convert an old mill. I want £600 for it collected from Tn129, which is less that what it cost me to get out of the LEZ. Probably weighs about 750kgs. I can load onto your flatbed. Click image for larger version. 

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