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    I have started bicycle frame building and need the ability to make up different small bike components such as drop outs, notch the end of tubes etc and am looking first at a mill (will eventually get to lathe as well). I am looking to get something that can manage a reasonable size item and so smaller mills are too small. I have seen a bridgeport or two on gumtree that would be amazing but the truth is getting it to my workshop would a nightmare so I have been looking at the following as a reasonable size / cost that would work for me.

    • Warco WM18B
    • CNC4You MM32L
    • SIEG SX3.5ZP
    • Axminster SX3 or 4

    I would like the machine to have DRO and also powered with the potential to convert to CNC or start straight off with CNC as most of the things I will make will come from Fusion360 model. I have little experience with any of these machines or resellers and so would really appreciate any input or thoughts. Thanks in advance and questions welcome.


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    The new amadeal E3 has my attention.
    I got my 25LV from there.

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    A hole notcher would manage one portion of the process but need the capability to make up drop outs, motor/gear box mounting frames (for ebikes, pinion gearboxes) and anything else I might need for a custom bike. It is a cheap solution though it would need to be able to do offset and 2-axis notching.

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    I did miss the Amadeal options off my list and had looked at the E3. The question is are they readily converted or is it easier to go straight to CNC in which case what are the options?

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    Hi Mike welcome to the forum!

    Mike what material will you be looking to make the components such as drop outs from, would it be an option to out source the bits you need as and when to me for a fair price?

    Meaning, you could just invest in a notcher for the tubes and I could make the other bits for you on my cnc machine, I also use f360 so that makes life easy :)

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    Lee, yes in the short term outsourcing manufacture would be a good option. I would be looking for items in either stainless or carbon steel initially.


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    Ok with the material now confirmed, maybe a better option would be to have the parts cut by laser in bulk when you can?

    It all depends how deep down the cnc rabbit hole you want to go really, but for SS and/or CS while those materials can be cut, your going to need a decent (rigid) machine to do it properly/reliably. Its also going to come down to a cost vs time thing, have you got the time to learn about machining and cnc (great fun if you have), or do you just need an easier solution and its about the bikes for you?

    Have you been drawn to a particular machine yet?
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