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    Good day.
    I wanted to upload the program from Inovance H3U PLC, but I overwrote it. Can I get back its previous version like in Windows?
    Have a nice day.

    Edit: There are programmes which allow to recover files on Windows, even if they have been deleted. How to do the same for PLCs?
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    Naprawdę nie wiem o tym, myślę, że powinieneś skontaktować się z Inovance i zapytać ich, w końcu to tylko szybki e-mail do wysłania lub telefon ?

    Nie zapomnij dać nam znać, co mówią :)

    I don't really know about this, I think you should contact Inovance and ask them, after all, its only a quick email to send or a phone call ?
    Dont forget to let us know what they say :)

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