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    Rob there is plenty of activity on this forum, taking members away to a discord server isn't exactly going to help anything is it?

    Please stop inviting people away from this forum, as a community we have been running MYCNCUK for over 10 years and spent allot of time and effort building this forum up to what it is now, i agree it could do with some tweaks and is some what out dated on the forum software side of things and i have plans for that.

    If its not for you anymore that's one thing.

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    We talk over call and share livestreams on there, nothing at all about taking people away its a completely different aspect to what's not on here, we're all still on here. I guess I'll cease posting then.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RobC View Post
    We talk over call and share livestreams on there, nothing at all about taking people away its a completely different aspect to what's not on here, we're all still on here. Your only comment has been a negative one on this whole post about my build which says a lot. I guess I'll cease posting then.
    Rob I don't want to get in to a long drawn out debate over this, I am fully aware of the discord platform and nothing it has to offer cant be implemented here. You offered an invite in another post and I didnt have a problem with that either, I try and support everyone, however this time you've also said that there "doesn't seem to be much activity on here anymore", this is untrue and in my opinion slightly Fear/Scaremongering, the forum dose go through "quite periods" typically in the summer months but it has always been that way, overall the growth of the community here has always been linear.

    During the covid years or so we had quite a big rise in uptake/activity, what data are you basing your comments on?

    Rob, again that isn't true or fair mate, I was the second or third person to join in and comment on your build log here, I've also been following along as you have updated it, admittedly I haven't had anything to add or contribute, likewise your build log has had interest from 50 plus other members so far...

    What do you mean by says allot ?
    As the creator of the forum, of course one of my biggest concern's is the strength of its heartbeat, surly if you too have a concern over the activity of the forum, you can see where taking people off the forum to be active on an obscure discord server is harmful to the community if not done correctly, how do you conclude that my request is of a negative nature ?

    Now I use the word obscure for a couple of reasons, one reason is because I haven't received an invite and no one has come to me with concerns for the well being of the community, so I can only assume this hasn't been setup under the MYCNCUK flag/banner in order to support this existing community, if it has please except my apologies and thank you for doing that. All I have seen is your invites going out to people and the other member who posted something about a CNCZone one he had set up...

    As I say, I've been left in the dark so I'm a bit unsure and you've used the word "we" or words like "we have" a few times, so at this point I don't really know what to conclude, please inform me ??

    Quote Originally Posted by RobC View Post
    I guess I'll cease posting then.
    Why what's wrong?, please don't cease to post on the forum/community, I'm sure we can work this out together, as an end that really would be a negative thing.

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    One of my biggest issue with Discord servers, in this hobby and many others (extreme overclocking PC parts, motorcycles, firearms, RC trucks, etc, etc), is where is all that knowledge going to be a decade from now? Right now I can look back at old forum posts and while maybe the pictures don't work, the knowledge is still clear and available. It pains me to see so much useful stuff will be lost to the ether, as this info will be locked behind an artificial wall, inaccessible. As such, I try to avoid Discord where I can and would recommend as many of you do the same as possible.

    The build looks great! I'm truly intrigued by the extrusion and just might have to order a chunk.

    Thank you!

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    Hi Rob
    This is another great build, I missed it initiially as i had stopped my usual daily check on the forum as it had gone a bit quiet, however i would appreciate it if you would continue posting. KingZeusCLE has a valid point. Please consider it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobC View Post
    I guess I'll cease posting then.
    Or you could just be a good sport, it's seriously bad form inviting people away from a forum, easily as bad, or worse than taking discussions which could help everyone to PM.
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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