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    Hi all.
    Iíve had some success from Amadeal. After some effort they agreed to send me a new spindle. I received the spindle and fitted it to
    my machine and bobs your uncle itís running sweet.
    I thought it was only right to confront Amadeal with this issue considering it was a new machine and had never been used. I have to say although quite slow at replying to my emails they were great and Hugh that dealt with this was very understanding and got the new spindle out next day delivery.

    I have yet to put the mill through any meaningful tests but right off the mark it is very noticeably an improvement.

    I want to thank everyone who helped me with this issue and I hope to see you all on various posts.


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    Excellent news mark I'm happy it got sorted out in the end

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    Great news Mark, thanks for keeping us updated and I look forward to seeing you put the mill into action

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