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  1. Hi folks,

    Just a hobbyist - I found this forum and joined up while I was messing about trying to build a desktop router / CNC - unfortunately not before I'd committed most of the cardinal sins (mostly Aliexpress related).

    This is what I've ended up with as a bit of a work in progress

    It's running GRBL on an ESP32 and I'm using the (excellent) Open Builds control software.

    The spindle is a P.O.S. but that's another story!

    One of its first jobs will be to make a front panel for the electronics.


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    Welcome to the forum Andy!

    That looks like a comparatively very capable and rigid smaller machine, notwithstanding the weak spindle that you mention is a POS. Although I've yet to build a machine, it looks to me like you've done a lot of things right!

    With luck you should at least be able to use this CNC to machine more accurate parts for your next improved CNC machine.

    I can't see from your pics: To help make your linear rails on each axis co-planar, have you used self-levelling resin under the rails, or did you have the strips under the rails machined?

    By clicking on your images I've somehow found your blog and then somehow found many images of various projects you've done. Thanks for the very enjoyable afternoon I had, browsing through a few of your other interesting projects, including the jet turbine engine!! You sure don't let things hold you back.

    I look forward to seeing how your CNC machine performs, once you've finished the fiddley bits.


    As an aside, please satisfy my curiosity about an earlier blog photo of yours: What on earth is the contraption that you've attached (probably temporarily) next to your pillar drill, belt driven from the top pulley of your drill?
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  3. Thanks!

    The X and Y axes have a thin layer of epoxy bedding that was cast against a flat surface (1" glass plate) to try and make them co-planar.

    To put you out of your misery - the pillar drill thing was a contraption to drive a trepanning tool to cut a glass disk for a telescope mirror :)

    Very old video of it in operation (circa 2003):

    The back of the finished mirror (7" diameter)...

    ...and the telescope.

    (Some more stuff on my website if you're interested - www.misterg.org.uk )

    Thanks again. :)


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    Hi and Welcome to the forum!

    Machine looks nice, I agree with Andy on the design etc, will be interesting and I look forward to seeing your continued progress with it.

    Will you be adding this build to the DIY Mill Build Logs of the forum or saving that for your next machine

  6. Thank you - I'll stick some details in the build log section

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