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    Ordered this from AliBaba, Paypal has taken my money via Alipav. No record of transaction on Alibaba, Bit concerned and have lodged a claim with PPal.
    Anyone else have a problem please?

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    I've bought a few things from Alibaba without problem.

    Note that Alibaba is really a trade / wholesale site, whereas Aliexpress is a retail site and is better suited to smaller purchases. The payment / tracking system is also more transparent - and quicker.

    Give it a day or two for the transaction to happen. You can also message the seller if that helps.

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    Muzzer - Thank you. My transaction was with AliExpress and there seems to be something wrong with their site, as some parts are under maintenance. Probably do not want to sell now at the discounted price?? We shall see!

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    I wasn't expecting it to arrive until next month but on the mat this morning. Looks very nice and compact on my little mill.

    One thing I'm not sure of, the connector at the probe end seems to be a USB-C type but the plug only goes in a couple of mm but does give a firm click. USB-C usually goes right in. is this normal have people found please?

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    Yes, that's what I found. The socket isn't as deep as a normal USB-C but that seems to be the way it was designed. Mine works fine - was testing it yesterday with my Centroid Acorn lathe.

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    Thanks for the reassurance Muzzer. I'll try it out tomorrow.

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    Here's mine. Don't worry about the Bluetack and magnetic base - I'm just exploring the Centroid lathe tool touchoff functions!

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    Well guys I still have no acknowledgment of my order from AliExpress. They have taken my money and P/Pal are supposed to be investigating but nothing from them either at this time.

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    Tested the unit today. Directly compatible with Mach3 and seems to work very nicely!

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    Relieved to say that it turned up today.

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