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    Quote Originally Posted by Leadhead View Post
    Relieved to say that it turned up today.
    Phew! Was afraid I'd persuaded you to buy a pup!

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    Actually John, thank you. It looks a nice piece of kit.

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    Just got mine today. 12 days from ordering.
    Looks good. Can't test it out for a little while yet though.

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    Have you folks seen the Craty CNC software for Mach3 & UCCNC. I have had it for a while and it is well worth a look.
    In particular the compensation for eccentricity in the probe and the point cloud programming which I have used to good effect.
    Quite inexpensive as I recall. I have no connection, other than a satisfied customer.

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    Thanks! Looks very interesting, I think I'll download the trial version and give it a go.

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    John - You may have to search through his youtube vids. Google what you require as youtube index does not always find them all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leadhead View Post
    In particular the compensation for eccentricity in the probe....
    Are you aware that these probes have adjustment for eliminating eccentricity (as most do)? In this case, they have 4 radial grub screws that can be used to shift the tip in X and Y. You need a dial gauge (DTI) with light tip force, then adjust the screws until there is no runout / eccentricity when you rotate the probe. You should only need to do this if (when!) you have a crash and need to replace or straighten the tip although a periodic check is sensible.

    The Renishaw probes use a different system, with a ball bearing pivot under the base and 4 axial screws but to the same effect.

    The trigger point for most of these probes varies slightly according to the orientation of the probe, due to the 3 internal pivots. So it's a good idea to orientate the probe in the same direction each time you use it, for consistency. That's a different issue to eccentricity.

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    Have owned many probes in my lifetime. If this one remains constant over time I will be overjoyed.
    (Incidentally do you check the runout of your collet chuck before setting the probe. That can be an eye opener in itself!!)
    I have spindle jigs to maintain orientation ranging from scratched lines to mechanical dowel slots.
    Looking forward to exercising the new one.
    Hope the experience sharing will will continue.

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    I don't use a collet chuck to mount and remount my Renishaw probe on the mill - it came with its own pukka ISO40 holder. For my lathe, this DIYO probe will be used for tool touchoff, mounted in a fixture, so eccentricity won't be an issue - it just needs to stay fixed in position. Perhaps when I've completed it I will post pics / vid!

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