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    I have a lot of used NEMA 23 stepper motors in good working condition.
    These are Automation Direct Sure Step STP-MTR-23079 Stepper Motors. 1.95Nm 1.8 deg step angle 200 steps per revolution.

    I would be happy to give these motors away for free to someone in the UK (just pay postage) if they have a good use for them and are willing to send me a photo of them in use.

    Please contact me for any further information or photos.

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    Do you still have the motors? Iíve been researching upgrading my Novamill and was wondering if these may be suitable.

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    Hi Graham,
    Yes I still have these motors. Send me an email to [email protected] to discuss.

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    Hi Grainne
    I’ve sent an email but not sure if it’s getting through.

  5. Hi, how many are "a lot" or how many do you have left? :P thanks

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