Hi all

Not been posting on here for a while as my CNC has not been used much for the last 6 months as I'm mid loft conversion..... But, it is now needed for part of the job.

I am making some newel posts for the stairs - trying to match the old ones and need to simply pocket out a simple rectangle on each side. One of the simplest things I have done, but I'm having some issues. The newel post is a 120mm square post of oak. My machine (a Jazz 6090) seems to have a max z axis of approx 125mm. So the oak post fits under nicely with a few mm to spare. However, on UCCNC, it tell me "Job out of software limits" "The current job workspace is out of the set software limits - Adjust the software limits to fit the job extents or disable the software limits"

Now I have done a little googling and found a few things - UCCNC go into configuration > general settings and uncheck "enable softlimits" - doesn't work

Also in Vectric i set the rapid z gaps above material to 4 mm as opposed to the standard 6mm, hoping this would have some effect on the toolpath - didn't work

Any suggestions to over ride the soft limits for this instance? I really don't want to have to get my blunt chisel out