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    Hi folks!

    Just signed up to swell your ranks by a grand total of one 🙂

    I run a small tube forming/bending company specialising in the motorsport sector. I run a couple of CNC tube benders which keep me on my toes.

    Really fancy getting my hands on a half decent CNC mill so I can make my own tooling and (lowers voice...) also to make various bits for my motorbikes.... 😬

    So, currently on the lookout for a nice mill, maybe the Tormach 770 I spotted earlier 🤞

    Go well and take care everybody.

    Grahame 🙂

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    Hi Grahame, welcome to the forum!

    Any joy on the 770 ?

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    Hi Lee,

    Why thank you, kind Sir!

    As a matter of fact yes! I'm having the 770 advertised in the For Sale section of this very forum.

    Quite a Christmas present to myself, I'd say 😎👍

    Of course, this will be a case of this particular 'Old Dog' having to learn new tricks as quite frankly, I've never so much as dipped a toe in the tricky waters of CNC machining, CNC Tube Bending yes, but that's a very different discipline 😬

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    A professional tube bender calls himself 'Pentode"... Groan!!! Do you have apprentices called Tetrode, Triode and Diode?

    Welcome aboard Grahame, you'll fit in here a treat.

    An optimist says the glass is half full, a pessimist says the glass is half empty, an engineer says you're using the wrong sized glass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kitwn View Post
    A professional tube bender calls himself 'Pentode"... Groan!!! Do you have apprentices called Tetrode, Triode and Diode?
    Oh that's brilliant! 🤣 To be honest, I'd not even equated Tube Bending with Pentode..! What a half wit! 🤣

    Actually, I used Pentode as a name when I was building my own big valve/tube bass amps 🤓

    Thanks for the welcome, much appreciated 👍

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