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    Hi Everyone
    I am thinking about starting building guitars, normally I would do his using templates and a router etc. This will also include the purchase of quite a few tools etc.ie planing/milling etc etc. This expense can be off set with the purchase of a reasonably cheap cnc machine.

    I have seen the Fox Alien Masuter Pro which can be extended and that would give me the full range to build the guitar and the neck (separately) which is what I need.

    I know its cheap as far as CNC machines go but I don't have the to spend on a mahoosive one at this time. What I like about the CNC is that I can make exact copies of whatever I am doing ie body shape, neck width, that sort of thing.

    Does anyone else have the same machine and does the same thing, is it worth it? I am not too concerned about the time it takes to carve.



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    Welcome Lee.

    If you want to do this seriously, save a bit longer. You'll be disappointed with that one five minutes after starting your first cut.

    But, of course, Christmas looms and we all like new toys. I would look for something with more than 6cm of Z travel though if you want to try guitars, once you include tool stick out that limits you to projects less than 3cm in depth, which will be difficult even then.

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