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    Hello there,

    I have a Pacer 25-12K CNC with XMC-E 2.63 native software. I have been told that the latest version is version 3.
    I would prefer to have the Pacer upgraded to run on a OS rather than the present as the sole engineer who seemingly services these Pacer machines has basically decided to ignore my job.
    Can anyone take on this reconfiguration?
    I presently use VCarve to design etc the projects before submitting it to the Pacer but I have seen far more comprehensive native software packages used on other machines that would broaden my range & scope.
    If there are any other Pacer users on this Forum .... I would be grateful if you could contact me for general advice and or if they have managed to benefit from any XMC-E software upgrade.

    Sam Mitchell

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    Hi Sam welcome to the forum, have you tried anything else on the software front yet?

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