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    Hi Everyone

    God i hate doing these first post about myself.....i never know what to put, i'm not one who like to talk about themselves .......so....

    I have been playing a round with a lathe (Myford ml10) and a mill (Seig X2) for a bit now but at some stage would like to CNC them.
    I have been looking at youtube vids for help and what to do or go about it, but i would like some (say some......i'm sure it will be lots) of help with it if poss?

    So if i ask question that have been asked before I'm sorry (please can you point me the right direction or post on here ), if i asks a silly question again sorry but i think no question is silly if you don't know the answer

    Well that's about it.

    Thanks Colin

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    Hi Colin welcome to the forum, if any need any help please do ask your questions, as you say, there is no such thing as silly question :)

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