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    Hi, Iím helping on a local high school here in the highlands of Scotland. They have an old Suregrave router, with DSC controller running Engravelab on Windows 7. Itís circa 2008ish. Is there a piece of software, that I can connect my WIN10 laptop to bring the machine a little up to date. Hopefully free.
    Is there a different controller that might be better. Iím a complete novice, so little technical speak would be helpful
    Cheers Brian

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    Got no replies to this, am I to assume it’s too difficult?

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    In all honesty, without knowing anything about the machine, I'm guessing the DSC controller will be a proprietary controller and need specific software.
    The cost of which is not likely to be free.

    Realistically if you wanted to bring it up to date, you'd need to see if there is new software, or failing that, at minimum a retrofit with a new controller. But depending on the level of integration, it may also need new drivers.
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