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    Hi all!

    I work for a 3D printing company in the UK that manufacture parts in titanium and aluminium. At the minute we outsource the post-process machining of these parts to a local partner but they're moving later this year and we want to bring the capability in-house. The problem is, we've only got a small amount of space.

    So, my question is: can anyone recommend a vertical CNC mill that will fit into a room that is 3x4.5 metres, and that is capable of working with Titanium?

    The majority of the work will be bores between 20-30mm diameter, drilling and tapping m4-m6, and cutting splines.

    Cheers, Breezy

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    Maybe a Tormach? That would fit, maybe best to contact them about machining titanium though?

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    Cheers for the suggestions all.

    @voicecoil I hadn't thought of Tormach, and ironically the first thing I saw on their website was "yes, they do cut titanium", so they may be a good shout!

    @dazp1976 we're hoping to avoid Haas if we can, heard too many horror stories about their servicing costs & level of customer service

    Wondering whether Syil is worth a look as well, seems to be a couple of people cutting titanium on their smaller machines but I can't be sure how well they're coping with it

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    Definitely look at Syil, my four year old X7 has been fabulous, I mainly work in Titanium, Tool Steels, Stainless Steels and Aluminium Alloys.
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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