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    Hi All,

    I am selling my lovely condition Denford VMC 1300 Pro. It comes complete with the original stand including the laptop ledge.


    It has:

    7 tool holders
    Bijur mist coolant
    Power drawbar (air)
    Mitebite clamping system

    It does not have the ATC as it was removed to as they reduce machining capacity and sadly misplaced! Personally I prefer it without and the power drawbar makes tool change a doddle anyway.

    Comes with the Denford software with all licences, Vr Milling, Quickcam, Quickcam Pro (although I generally use Fusion 360)

    Machine can be viewed and tested in North Dorset. I have some videos of it on youtube and happy to provide more video, video calls etc. Can possibly help with transport depending on where you are. Also happy to spend a few hours training you up if necessary.


    I'm after a smallish CNC lathe - something like a Denford Cylcone, Harrison TU150, Emco 120 so if you have something like that then may look at some kind of PX.

    These VMC's don't come up often and are a very capable for a machine of that size.

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    What date is the machine please?


    John Paul

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    Iím not sure whether my reply was received - anyway, Iím interested.


    John Paul

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    Hi John,

    I didn't receive anything but if you want to send me a message we can exchange contact details.


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    Quote Originally Posted by johnpaulcarter View Post

    What date is the machine please?


    John Paul

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