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    So I bought Link SpeTool Tapered Ball Nose End Mill 1/4" X 3" with 0.5mm Ball Nose 4.82Deg for CNC Machine Engraving Carving because I saw some YT videos of folks doing some nice intricate hardwood carving and they have decent feedback on bastard bezos shop. I'm attempting to make some stamps I have some nice 2.5mm stamp rubber and 2 inch white oak for the base. I was wondering :
    A. anyone had experience with this type of bit on hard wood and have some clues to plunge and feed rates, they can share?
    B. Same as a but with stamp rubber ?


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    I would run that at 24.000rpm and 40ipm for starters and normally no more than 60ipm. Not that it could not run faster but that are the perfect speeds for fine engraving without any additional finishing. Simply any wood will break fine fibers if cutting faster.
    10-ipm plunge feed
    project 1 , 2, Dust Shoe ...

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