nema 23's 10 off 8 wire 6.35mm shaft new 9 each
note some have been slottewd to fit 60mm base nema 24 size well three have
nema 23's the 56mm ones again 8 wire, 2 of these have been slotted to 60mm 6.35mm shaft 56 mm long 8 wire new
i bought them not realising you could buy 2 or 4 phase 60mm nema 24's - hmmm

for sale 7 5 phase 10 wire 6mm shafted berger lahr motors 60mm foot 25 each
they are well nice
one 3 axis driver set up for 5 phase motors above circa 1998 50
as above but 4 axis 50

seimens 24v sngle post psu nice one circa 1998 25

3 little drivers 30 new toshiba 6600 4.5 amp 3 inch high

set of three new plum couplings 6 to 6.35 x3 20
as above but 14mm diameter 20

will swapsies stuff

also have a circa 2014 usb ddrmv1 break out board 45new

and a novusun network mach3 breakout board 90