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    Hi all.
    I’m looking for manual or explanation of Lichuan debugging software for LCDA357H. I already connect it to the drives and tried to adjust the anti-vibration parameter but I can’t see any differences no matter it is 500% or 20000%.. What is “Initialize” and “Oline” in the main menu?
    I tried to contact to Lichuan technical support but of course no reply yet for 10 days.
    Any help will be very appreciated
    Many thanks

  2. I'll be honest, that as much as I think Lichuan products themselves and the sales team are pretty good, their software is horrendous!

    Oline, should be Online (aka Realtime monitoring), although I'm not sure what exactly it can monitor...

    I received the first English draft of one of their manuals for some drives I got for testing, and it has an automatic translation of the original Chinese software-
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Unfortunately they didn't use that when they translated the software, so the software doesn't match the manual.
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    Thank you. I’ll try it a bit more over the weekend and will see. If any successes I’ll share here

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    If you've used a "proper" GUI such as you get from Yaskawa, the Lichuan "software" seems pretty underwhelming. I've only use the Lichuan servo products but the stepper screenshot looks fairly similar. If so, then you download the parameters into the "GUI"(?) which is little more than a display table, change the parameters you want to change and then save it back ("write parameter"?). If that's what you were doing and still no cigar, then I've no idea what the problem is.

    Presumably Jazz is your man for expert Lichuan questions here.

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