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    Hello all

    I think I've come the conclusion that I must convert my 8x4 Wood cutting CNC router to driven nut Ball screws from R&P as I just can't get the accuracy and consistency I need.
    I've read with great interest everything I can find on here about using driven nuts.
    It's not possible for me to make the drive units required so I'm leaning towards these parts https://haase-cnc.de/index.php/masch...e-muttern.html
    Unless there is anyone on here making Ball screw drive units for sale? (Jonathan seems to have gone off the Radar).
    Next I'm trying to source a sensible priced 2525 Ball screw (as recommended by Jazzcnc).
    I contacted BT on Aliexpress but unfortunately his 2525 screws use the larger 47mm body nuts that aren't compatible with the Haase parts.
    Any recommendations of screw suppliers would be welcome, I need 2 x 2800mm and 1 x 1600mm.
    I'm based in Ireland.

    Thanks a mill.

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    Sorry don't know of anywhere I can suggest, how "out of compatible" are BT's nuts, could it be made to work with an adapter plate if you could get one made ?

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    Not worries...it looks like I'll be able to get everything form CNCdrive in Hungary.

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    Excellent, don't forget to do a / start a conversion build log and show us all how its done on one of their machines, we have seen the blue frame type of haase cnc machines on here before...

    I cant remember the brand name it was who came along to demonstrate/offer it to the community, think its in the Manufacturing News section maybe...

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