any idea what to use as a replacement for
4x Mitsubishi MR-E-70AG-KH003 AC servo drivers
4x Mitsubishi HF-KN73J-S100 servos mated to APEX AB090-S1-P1 gearboxes turning a rack and pinion style system

I would like to ditch the analog 0-10V control system for a new one that's step/direction. Sure I could buy just new MR-E-70A-KH003 drivers but since 4 of those cost the same as 4 new Chinese AC servos (that are new unlike the approx 10-12 years old Mitsubishi servos) it might be better idea to just upgrade?

Anyone willing to chime in and recommend me a brand besides Leadshine/Leisai? I think I would prefer a 23-bit servos.

Also as I view it there is a few ways I could do this, right?
Ditch just the servos, buy new AC servos and keep the gearboxes. (Probably the best solution?)
Ditch both the servos and the gearboxes and buy Chinese ones.
Ditch the servos and the gearboxes and replace them with closed-loop steppers (this is the cheapest way but might not be the best).

The machine works fine but since I'm replacing the spindle for an ATC one I need to change the controller and I would like to upgrade it to something new.