Hi all,

I'm currently searching for my first CNC lathe. I've been looking at the boxford 125 TCL and the 160 model with rotating tool head.

I wanted to ask a few questions, I don't know anything about software but as I understand a converted version is better to go for, specifically mach3?

I have experience with Linux operating systems so that's not too much of a concern for me so wanted to ask what's the best route to go, boxford software, mach3 or CNClinux.

Also what's a reasonable price to pay for a machine such as the 125 TCL with rotating tool holder?

Is there any questions I should ask a seller before committing to a given machine?

What is the spindle size on the 125 TCL?
Does this machine require reverse type drill bits or does the spindle reverse?

I'm sure I'll have more questions.