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    Hey all,

    Looking for recommendation on CO2 laser machine for wood cutting 300x200mm.

    New to this so any help or replies would be much appreciated.Based in Europe.


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    Hi Patrick, welcome to the forum!

    Are you looking to DIY your own co2 laser machine or buy something in ready made like the commonly for sale co2 laser engraver machines?

    Also, what kind of thickness of wood are you looking to cut though and what kind of workload to you anticipate putting on the machine?

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    Hey Lee,
    I am only starting out, not sure what you mean by DIYn one, seems complicated?

    I'd like to buy ready made so its ready to go for a beginner.

    I was thinking 40w C02 for now maybe as anymore wattage seems much more expensive for a beginner.300x200mm seems ok to start with as larger seem more expensive starting out. I could upgrade in the future.

    I'm just going to practice with small boxes plans I've seen online so nothing too thick.
    Maybe 5mm to 1/4 inch thick?

    Workload will not be too strenuous as I will only be playing around getting at first used to using plans on lightburn or whatever software and cuts.
    Any recommendations or suggestions based on the info above


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