Greetings CNCers.

My name is Jim Haseleu, I've been a CNC Programmer for the past 35+ years in aerospace. I want to retire in the next few years and would like a hobby that includes pieces of my profession. A couple years ago I purchased an Inventables CNC Kit. As I started to assemble it I determined it was wayyyy too small. I began purchasing new parts and assembling a 48 x 48 x 20 router. There is only about 10% of the original kit still in my build. I've already got plans for the next , Bigger, Better, Machine, but I need to get this one working first so I can use it to make the next one. I am to the point now where I am wiring the axis to the break out board. I am using MACH4 with a MB3 Breakout board with the ESS board piggie back. It has been very difficult finding information on how to put everything together. Wiring and software config are my current stumbling blocks. I can get "Z" to Jog + and -, "Y" has a slave stepper and when I first start up the system "Y" will jog + and - using both steppers, but the "X" will not jog. Right after I try to jog "X" and go back to jogging "Y" , only one of the stepper drives work.
I look forward to learning more about the building of my CNC Router, I call her "Tardis". I'm sure you guys are miles beyond this with your machines. I'd be interested in wiring diagrams, images of MACH4 config or even MACH4 config. files already configured for a 3 axis router with a slave drive on "Y". I have not even gotten to the spindle or limit switches yet.