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    Hey all.

    Thanks very much for adding me to the forums.

    I live in the UK and I'd like to build myself a cnc machine. This looked like a good place to start :)

    I have build a 3d printer in the past and I'm currently playing with a "cheap Chinese laser cutter".

    I have a few tools to play with and a mad cap idea for a "low cost" home built cnc machine.
    Thought I'd drop by and let you take my plans apart and point n laugh at the silly bits. I really have no idea what I'm doing :D

    Hopefully you can help me put a slightly more realistic plan on the table. What I want is ridiculous I think, but if I aim at perfect, hopefully, when done, what I'm left with is good enough....

  2. Welcome and best suggestion is to go to the build section and spend a few hours (yes I mean hours) and look through a few of the completed build logs not just for the design but you will also get a lot of the brainstorming and build discussions that helped arrive at the finished machine. That in and of itself will help you get your thinking cap a bit better focused and be able to direct your ideas done a more productive route.

    Again welcome and best of luck.
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    uh my personal suggestion is
    First of all, determine what the new CNC machine tool is used for? This is very important because everything that follows will be built around it
    Such as engraving metal or acrylic or wood
    Then determine the choice of ball screw or belt drive according to the needs, etc.
    Spindle with servo spindle or ordinary spindle, air cooling, water cooling, etc.
    Then there is the control aspect, whether to use a stepper motor or a servo motor

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