Hi chaps. Not been here for quite some time, because I've lost any interest in the whole thing.

After almost 30 years in engineering as a job, I jacked in and went to do something else. While that was happening, I had also lost interest in my Denford Micromill, which:

I bought as a working machine in 2017, a week after my Mum died. I was convinced I wanted a machne for home to make my own rc car parts.
A year or two after that, the hard drive in the computer went. I replaced it but could only get hold of what I think is demo copy of Mach 3, I don't know, I downloaded off the website of the guys who deal with Mach 3 now. Some helpful chap in Horndean offered to help, and I never got round to taking him up on his offer.
So I had to set up the parameters from scratch, not a clue. My posts may still be on here, with me asking questions.
I started it up last year, just stared at it really, before turning it off again.
Powered it up this evening, the pc tower makes a horrible beeeep.........beeeep. noise.
I unplugged it again.

Basically, I've lost any interest and would like it gone. I have a few ER16 collets (not nasty ones), an engraving tool, a selection if DLC cutters, and a bucket of Aluminium also. What sort of price would I be looking to post it up at? I'll post pictures if requested, but I'm sure you all know what a Denford Micromill looks like.

Any help with this is massively appreciated.