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    Hi All, I have a small generic desktop tool that I use USB-CNC software on - it's an old generation and I'm only doing very basic work so working with what I've got. I use Fusion 360 and I used to have a post processor that I downloaded and worked fine with it - I've now lost the SW and can't find it, so can anyone point me in the right direction ??

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    A generic Fanuc post processor would likely work.
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    There are several resources where you can find postprocessors for Fusion 360:

    1. Official Autodesk Resources: Autodesk, the developer of Fusion 360, offers several official postprocessors for different types of 3D printers and CNC machines. You can check their official website or support forums to find the postprocessors that fit your needs.

    2. Fusion 360 User Community Forums: There are Fusion 360 user forums and communities where people discuss and share the postprocessors they use. You can browse these resources or ask questions about the postprocessor you need.

    3. 3D printer and CNC machine manufacturer websites
    wide range CO2 laser machines and engravers.

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