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    I'm feeling adventurous and considering repairing some malfunctioning repair DKC Servo drives. Before diving in, I'd love to hear from those who have attempted or successfully executed such repairs. What common issues have you encountered with DKC Servo drives, and what repairs did you perform?
    Are there specific resources or online guides you recommend to help with the repair process? Any essential tools or precautions I should be aware of before getting started?
    Of course, safety is paramount, and I'll take all necessary precautions. But sharing your experiences and expertise could be invaluable for this endeavor.
    Let's discuss our experiences and wisdom on repairing DKC Servo drives, so we can confidently tackle these repairs and potentially save some bucks along the way!
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    HI friend.I know very little about this brand
    In my limited experience though, If the machine doesn't work anymore. It is recommended to first rule out whether there is a fault with the cable, such as disconnection, loose thread, etc.
    Then analyze it against the manual and fault codes.
    Encoder failure is relatively common
    Driver failures are more concentrated on the PCB circuit board. If there is a problem with the circuit board, it may be more difficult to repair. Usually this requires specialized technical

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