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    I have this spindle from VEVOR and is air cooled and this VFD .
    After reading the manual I think I made all setups correct but my spindel get hot after 20min of running.
    User guide is here:
    I use this spindle by starting manually with panel buttons START/STOP
    I don`t know if is right to be that hot ( I don`t have thermometer but cannot keep fingers on it for 5 seconds). I have another spindle from vevor (400w) but it is running warm.
    It is used to carve styrofoam (polystyrene)
    Sorry for my english but is not my native language...
    Mybe somebody knows much better this kind of VFD`s and help me to stup right.
    Thank you.

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    The first one you link to is a water cooled spindle, you need to have coolant flowing through it. It has no air cooling at all.

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    If you read carefully, you would have seen that it clearly says AIR COOLED. I couldn't find an image of an air-cooled one.

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    Oh I read carefully enough thank you, you failed to mention you couldn't find a picture of an air cooled one. Good luck.

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