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    Hi Fellow CNC Enthusiasts,

    I am in need of assistance.

    I am using UCCNC Software to communicate to a AXBB-E Ethernet Motion Controller.

    My DIY CNC Machine runs fine both motion and spindle and I have completed many woodworking projects with it. I have a pneumatic style ATC on my spindle and have been using it manually to make tool changes. I am now wanting to automate the tool changes.

    I have built a linear style tool change rack which is currently off of the main cutting area of the CNC machine. A pneumatic rod pushes the rack onto the cutting surface so that the tool change can take place.

    The first step of my M6 tool change will be to extend the pneumatic rod and the last step of M6 will be to retract the rod (so the rack will be out of the way of the cutting area).

    I have the rod controlled by a simple DC24V air valve (model 4V210-08). This valve will only draw 200mA so I believe I can control it directly from the AXBB-E Isolated Output ports. The valve has been tested manually and moves the ATC linear rack without issue.


    1. The first step is to figure out how to have UCCNC activate the valve and then de-activate it.
    2. The second step is to figure out how to incorporate this code into the M6 tool change code. Not sure if it is code within the M6 code or whether it would be separate M commands (one to extend and one to retract the rod).

    My programming skills are limited so ideally I would like to reference some code that I can customize. A wiring diagram would be nice. Instruction on which UCCNC screens need the configurations would also help.

    Looking for any help that will put me in the right direction.

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    Do you know the CNCDrive forum? You may get an answer there.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnHaine View Post
    Do you know the CNCDrive forum? You may get an answer there.


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    Thank-you. I have submitted my question in CNCDrive forum as well. Still looking for guidance from either forum.

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