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    Hi there,

    Iím machining a lot of solid surface at the moment and Iíve noticed a lot more static charge building up. Iím getting some quite large arcs during vacuuming, the vacuum ON/OFF switch in particular.

    How can reduce this static build up?

    Many thanks

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    Interesting problem. I assume you are machining plastic? Not something I do much of but perhaps there are known / effective countermeasures. At the machine level, I expect they would amount to adding various grounding connections to nearby conductive surfaces but that's only a guess.

    There seem to be various additives that are added to plastic to reduce buildup (can you buy antistatic versions of your materials?). I know that carbon fill in plastic can improve the conductivity but that's only any use if you are making black parts. I also see references to "ionising blowers" and "ionising guns" etc which sound like a more high tech (expensive) approach.

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    Long a problem with vinyl records. Google for Zerostat guns.

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