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    Hi Bud
    The switch on the back of the head has three settings. Auto.Hand. and off , I will have a look on vcarve Pro.
    I will have a look on the axyx site .
    Cheers bud

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    Any idea what post processer that should be used with this machine I have it on AXYZ Arcs mm *nc just now and carver a flourish , the roughing program went perfect but when I ran the finishing program it turned out like a mad rabbit with a dremel had attacked it lol .

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    That wold be my choice of post processor too.Check the tool parameters perhaps.The other thing might be to use "Vector Validator" to see if any entities aren't joined.

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    Cheers bud

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    Everything is working as it should......Except if I send a 3d relief to the machine, the roughing process is done as it should but when I upload the finishing process the machine does it in a sort of fashion but misses quite a lot of it ??? Any ideas how to fix this or am I doing something wrong .
    The whole programme is created in Vcarve Pro in one process.

    I be baffled

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    I'd be taking a look at the parameters for the finishing cut.It might be that the stepover settings for the tool need to be reduced to a much smaller value.

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20230930_175808.jpg 
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ID:	31976Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20230930_175808.jpg 
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ID:	31976

    Sorry for the bad piece of wood but it's only testing.
    This is how it comes out in the finishing,

    I have tried it out from two computers that have cut 3d on and the same thing happens, I have checked the tool parameters and they seem OK, but I am baffled.

    All writing is good ( perfect ) . Roughing is good . Just the finishing and I am at a loss.

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    How about a screenshot of the Vcarve simulation?Come to that,have you tried asking for help on the Vectric forum?You have arrived at the point where the machine starts,stops and moves in response to the instructions it receives.I have a feeling that the problem has it's roots in a Vcarve setting.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    This what happened tonight

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    Thats not too bad,is it what you were expecting?I'm guessing you did a tool change and there may be a very slight discrepancy in the tool length for one of them.For 3D work it isn't uncommon to use a smaller tool for some of the fine detail,but this leaves you with a very long sequence so what I do is to introduce a new layer for boundaries and create outlines around the areas that need the finer detail and use those boundaries to restrict the smaller tool to those areas.Which leads us back to the point about tool length,if it isn't accurate you will have a step to sand out and lose.A tool length sensor is a wonderful thing to have as it deals with the actual tool length-no need to adjust Z datum or introduce errors from a pre-setter.

    Odd that only two of us find the topic interesting and nobody else seems interested isn't it?

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